How to Live a More Courageous Life

December 19, 2018 Life skills 0 Comment

How to Live a More Courageous Life

When confronted with fear, the brain will seek relief in the form of old coping habits if left to its own devices. However, there are things we can do to help it change course. If we set the stage for courage, our awareness of what happens to us becomes our greatest ally. “The more you interrupt the old fear-based habits and replace fear-based responses with responses to boost courage, the more you create a ‘courage habit.’ By living your life with courage, you’ll be more likely to make the changes that will lead to greater fulfillment — whether that’s embarking on a new relationship or job, or helping to save the world.” 

In the article below from ‘Greater Good’, there are five tips for changes in your life that will make you aware of how you experience fear, and support courage.

Greater good

Challenge for the Month

Intentionally do something that causes fear and notice where you feel it in your body. 

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