TRA Professional

Helping you reach your goals

There’s never been a more exciting time for start-ups in Ireland, and we can nurture your big idea and help it succeed. We’ll make sure the critical first 12 months of your business are all about achieving your vision through innovation, while we offer expert advice and take care of your financial affairs behind the scenes. 

We know the challenges of registering or incorporating a limited company in Ireland, and our accounting specialists have helped many companies navigate all the paperwork with patience, dedication and attention to detail. 

A good start is half the work, and we’ll help pave the way to success with our range of specialist services, including: 

  • VAT registration
  • PAYE registration with Revenue
  • Tax returns
  • Tax applications
  • Advice on accountancy software
  • Business advice and guidance

We offer a comprehensive programme from our dedicated start-up team. We’ll be in your corner during the whole process, from generating momentum in business guidance sessions, to taking care of paperwork and keeping your company running smoothly towards eventual success. 

Starting a new business is all about milestones, and we’ll be there at every stage. We guarantee preparing and submitting your first annual return within six months of forming your company. We’ll create a foundation for growth, by making sure you have all the tools and support you need to succeed.