TRA Professional

The extra player in your team

In a business partnership, two heads are better than one — and if you partner with a team of expert accountants you’ll get even more benefits. You formed a partnership to share the risk and share skill sets and contacts, and now we’ll guide you through the biggest tax challenges. We do more than any other accountancy firm in Ireland for our clients in business partnerships — saving them tax yearly. 

Every partnership is unique, so our team will create a bespoke package of services that will boost your cash flow and minimise your tax liability, including:

  • VAT, PAYE and income tax registration
  • Payroll services
  • Preparing and submitting accounts
  • Experience in dealing with Revenue compliance queries or audits
  • Preparing and submitting personal tax returns
  • Assisting you in minimising your tax liability

We have spent years helping our clients in business partnerships, so we know how to overcome challenges such as your increased liability and the extra time needed to make decisions. 

We’re fully invested in your joint business goals as you pool your resources and aim for success. If you partner with us for your accountancy affairs, we’ll be available for all your tax and financial guidance, and to make sure your business journey runs smoothly.