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Don’t leave it too late

Estates, wills and inheritance issues don’t always need to be a struggle with endless paperwork, lots of time, money and spiralling lawyer and accountants’ bills. At TRA we help you discuss the difficult topic of inheritance, as we believe it’s a subject that many people in Ireland avoid until it’s too late.

We provide specialist advice on will planning and lifetime gifting, so your assets can be passed on to future generations while minimising exposure to inheritance and gift tax

Our specialised services in the area of estate and inheritance tax includes:

  • Succession and tax planning strategies
  • Tax support services to legal firms
  • Restructuring your will so your assets are more tax-efficient
  • Transferring money through occasional gifts
  • Asset transfers and company reorganisations

We will help you protect your family wealth by effective inheritance tax planning, guaranteeing a successful outcome by creating an engaging process for open discussion. We’ll offer specialist advice and a variety of carefully considered options, such as creating trusts for family or charity, and advising clients and solicitors facing complex tax issues during the administration of estates.