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Guidance and advice

Tax experts who figure it out

At TRA Professional Services we go beyond the standard accountancy and tax compliance services. We proactively look for planning solutions that help you minimise your overall tax liability and achieve long-term financial freedom.

Proactive and constructive tax planning can be a vital pillar to your ongoing financial growth strategy.


Personalised advice and planning for contractors and other professionals



We’ve advised hundreds of companies just like yours



Our expert advisors will help you make the right business decisions


Personal tax

We’ll empower you with advice on all tax major tax affairs


Open communication

We’re always available to advise on updating your financial strategy

Invested in you

We’ll be an integral part of your financial planning activities

Your business is our business

From set-up to profits and ongoing success, we’re with you from the start


Let us know if you have any tax or accountancy requests — we’ll help you figure it out