The National Contractors Project; Clarity on Business Expenses

April 22, 2016 Expenses 0 Comment

The following document is an update on Revenue National Contractors project regarding Mileage and Subsistence claims. Mileage and Subsistence Much of Revenue’s current National Contractor Audit Project was centered on the matter of allowable travel and subsistence costs. Intrinsic to this is the definition of “normal place of work”. An allowable business journey is ...

A Guide To Mileage And Subsistence For Employees

April 15, 2016 Expenses 0 Comment

  Mileage and Subsistence The Basic Rules Where directors and employees necessarily incur expenses of travel and subsistence (relating to the travel) in the performance of the duties of their office or employment the reimbursement of such expenses may within certain limits be made tax free. The following conditions must be met: The director or employee must ...

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