How Achieve Our Business Goals While Being Grateful For What We’ve Got

We all have business goals we want to hit and we work hard to reach those goals every single day. We have aspirations to be recognised and admired for being good business people.

We all crave acknowledgement and kudos either from peers or from family members. We want to live up to a grand idea that formed in our minds as we progressed to adulthood.

And so we enter business. Most of us, knowing very little about the business of business and possessing merely the technical skills of our craft, take a punt on ourselves.

Admirable stuff.

We look around, we see others who apparently have achieved a level of success and we decide we want the same. Funny thing is we know nothing of what it took for them to get there.

Whatever the reason we become business people, we all crave business success in one form or another and I believe that can be distilled down to a single reason;


“We believe we will be happier when we get there.”


But what about the journey?

We think that achieving the goal will bring us satisfaction, gratification, fulfillment and so on. We believe we will be happier and our families will be happier in the having or releasing of the dream.

Happiness and success appears to be located somewhere in a future that hasn’t materialised yet, but doesn’t this actually put off living?

It seems that we often put life on hold in anticipation of the realisation of the goal and before we know it our entire lives can pass us by. Children are grown, people and experiences have come and gone and we missed it all.

There’s nothing wrong with having goals, I mean it’s unavoidable really isn’t it? Desires are inevitable. But the desire and need to achieve it can be tricky, it can trip us up if we can’t return to what’s going on now.

The constant striving for something in an imaginary future can be terribly exhausting. It starves us of our energy to actually be effective in our business and at its most acute level can even mean business failure.

The trick to succeeding in business or anything else for that matter, is to appreciate what we’ve built. To look at what is and see the huge growth and development that has occurred for us.

A Daily Practice Of Appreciation

Training ourselves out of constantly living in the imaginary future and beating ourselves up for not being where we want to be is a critical skill to develop if we are actually to achieve our goals.

If you think about it, you might see that all there really is, is now. The future and past are merely imaginary concepts and when we get caught up in those concepts it can have negative effects on us.

Try implementing these small but effective practices into your daily routine both in the morning before the day gets ahead of you, and at night before you retire.

1. Get Up Before The Day

Getting up an hour, or even 30  minutes before you have to helps you “get out ahead” of things. If you’ve ever tried it if you happen to be in the practice already, you will know the sense of calmness that you can bring to your day by simply doing this.

2. Sit Quiet And Imagine A Perfect Day

The greatest sports people on the planet use visualisation to project how their events will go. Britain’s 2014 Winter Olympic Gold Medal winner Lizzy Yarnold spoke of when she stepped up to the final round in her event, that it was exactly as she had visualised in her training. The job was already done.

3. Write How You Wish The Day To Be

Take a note pad and pen and write how you see the day panning out for you. Write it in the present tense and picture the best possible scenario for you and others involved. See yourself as you write, in positive situations with those you work with – employees, clients, business associates etc.

4. Put The Day To Bed

At night before going to sleep, put the day to bed. Make peace with any difficulties you experienced during the day and try to take some positives from them. That way we actually show gratitude for those difficulties and we extract the often unseen benefits. Everything has a benefit concealed if we can find it.

Failure to do this often means we wake up the next day with problems we went to sleep with.

These practices might seem simple, and even so simple that they could not possibly affect outcomes. However, when we take the time in a quiet space without interruption to pave our way and give thanks for our experiences, we practice how we wish things to be. Just like winning Olympic Athletes.

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