How To Pay Off Debt Fast – Focus on Financial Freedom Part #4

Hopefully you are now receiving some benefit and some clarity from the previous workbooks. In this section we look at How To Pay Off Debt Fast. Some of this might seem very basic information but a lot of people don’t have a plan in place for paying down debt and/or continue ...

VAT Treatment of Supplies of Bread

November 1, 2016 Latest News 0 Comment

The supply of bread may be liable to VAT at the Zero rate, Reduced rate or the Second Reduced rate depending on the particular bread product concerned and the circumstance in which it is supplied. Recently the High Court upheld a decision of the Revenue Commissioners to disqualify the bread served ...

Extended Deadline for ROS Customers In Respect of RACs, PRSAs and AVCs

November 1, 2016 Latest News 0 Comment

Relief may be claimed in respect of payments to a Retirement Annuity Contract (RAC) or a Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) or for Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) payments, where the payments are made by the deadlines provided for in sections 787(7), 787C(3), 774(8) or 776(3), respectively, of the Taxes Consolidation ...

10 Reasons Why Keeping Fit Is Good For Business

October 31, 2016 Left Field 0 Comment

Not staying in shape? It’s ok, you’re not alone. Many people get enough exercise to stay fit enough to run a couple hundred yards. In March 2014 a European Commission Report titled “Sport and Physical Activity” looked at the exercise habits of 29,717 people across the 28 member states in Europe. The report ...

Focus on Financial Freedom Part #3- Prepare Monthly Cash Flow Statement

This week we are onto exercise three of Focus on Financial Freedom, Prepare Monthly Cash Flow Statement. At this point you should; 1. Determined what Financial Freedom looks like for you-your destination. 2. Calculated your present net worth-your starting point Now lets look at ways to help you navigate from one to the other.

The Help To Buy Incentive For First Time Buyers

October 26, 2016 Latest News 0 Comment

The Help to Buy incentive (HTB) is designed to assist first-time buyers with obtaining the deposit required to purchase or self-build a new house or apartment to live in as their home. Time will tell whether or not this will provide a real financial benefit for first time buyers or increase property ...

Finance Monthly Awards Tax Planning Firm Of The Year

October 18, 2016 Latest News 0 Comment

Today we are pleased to announce Finance Monthly Magazine has awarded TRA Professional Services their 2016 award for Tax Planning Firm Of The Year. We are genuinely thrilled and I would like to acknowledge the role that you, our clients have played in allowing us perform to our potential and helping us achieve this prestigious ...

The Irish Budget Summary 2017

October 12, 2016 Latest News 0 Comment

Good afternoon and long time since we last communicated. The summer holidays are over and tax season is upon us. This week the focus will be on Budget 2017. We also have included an article on how to manage stress at work in light of it being mental ...

Focus on Financial Freedom Part #2: Developing a Net Worth Mindset

So how did the first exercise in achieving Financial Freedom work for you? Now that you hopefully know what financial freedom looks like for you the next step is developing a net worth mindset. This is the cornerstone principle for those who want to achieve Financial Freedom. Benjamin Franklin described one of the ...

How To Manage Stress At Work: 12 Tips For Stress Free Workplace

October 11, 2016 Left Field 0 Comment

As business owners and employers we have a responsibility to our staff in the workplace, and to be fair, many of us extend that concern outside the workplace too. Being aware of, and figuring out how to manage stress in the workplace should be a primary concern not only for productivity ...

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