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The Revenue have announced an extension to the 2015 Local Property Tax Deadline to 4pm Friday the 9th January. This is due to the large volume of calls the LPT line is receiving and also the heavy filing rate the Revenue Commission have to deal with. The LPT phone line will remain open from 8am-8pm today and tomorrow and will open from 8am-4pm Friday, the number for the line is 1890 200 255.

Based on the type of calls the Revenue has received they have released the following advice regarding the Local Property Tax Deadline:

  • Request from property owners for their Property ID or PIN can do so online here 
  • You don’t need to do anything if you have paid your 2014 Local Property Tax by a phased payment method (by direct debit or deduction at source from salary/occupational pension or from certain Government payments) or you have deferred the full charge or claimed an exemption. Your current payment method/exemption will automatically apply for 2015.

Any property owner that paid by lump sum or cash payment in 2014 and would like to pay by phased payment again in 2015 was to advise Revenue by 25th November 2015 to allow time to put the necessary arrangements in place. Those who wish to switch to phased payment and have not confirmed their payment method are encourage to take avail of the Local Property Tax deadline and inform Revenue immediately so all measures can be put in place to implement their preferred choice for January.

If you have any questions or queries about Local Property Tax call TRA today to speak to a member of our tax team, 01-8944594. Managing your finances can be a difficult and stressful, download our 11 Secrets to achieving Financial Freedom below and begin your journey to a more secure future.