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Are you looking to start the new year with a new venture? Forming a new company is always an intimidating step with one of the main stumbling blocks being how to choose your company name. What is in a name? Does it really matter? Well in small to medium sized businesses it is a very important factor. Your name should reflect your business, it should be a vibrant, memorable name that will be easily recognizable within your industry. Especially for all our readers we have compiled our top tips to choosing your company name’

Choosing your limited company name

There a few rules and ‘guidelines’ you need to follow when registering a name for your limited company. It needs to be an uniquely different name from everyone other company name on the register. The main stipulations to follow are:

  • Certain words are not allowed in a business name, these include ‘limited’ ‘ltd’ ‘teoranta’ ‘teo’ ‘incorporated’ ‘inc’ or ‘company’
  • Adding industry specific words to make your business name original, for example Medical, Printing etc
  • The registration of business names ending in a domain name suffix such ‘.ie’ ‘.com’ ‘.net’ and names with a ‘www’ prefix are generally considered undesirable
  • Local place names can also make your business name highly distinguishable
  • Companies that have been dissolved have their names protected for 20 years before they become available to use again


Choosing a brand name/trading name

If you didn’t get to choose the name you had in mind when registering your business don’t worry. You can register it under a trade name, for example John has a printing business and wanted to call his business ‘Print Solutions’. This wasn’t available so he registered a limited company under  ‘John Brady’s Printing Limited’ and then registered a trading name as ‘Print Solutions’

Your brand name will be the most recognizable aspect of your business so you need to make it as creative, original and memorable as possible. Try to come up with numerous names so you have a plan B in case it isn’t available.

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