Vet Practice Accounts

We provide a tailored specialised service to all professionals involved in the veterinary field. These days tax planning and getting your finances can be a daunting and time-consuming task, whether that is the day to day running of the practice, managing accounts or payroll. That’s why here at TRA Professional Services we understand that you need to have your practice cared for as you care for your patients.

We have developed a high quality, efficient product that will maximise tax savings for you and your practice whilst minimising liabilities. We will handle the financial aspect of your business while you concentrate on growing it. We strive for Financial Freedom for all of our clients and we believe that as we help you grow as a business, we ourselves grow.

We will look after all the main annual requirements of a business and also concentrate on

  • Tax Planning – Minimisation of taxes
  • Long term strategic planning
  • Business plans and financial projections
  • Cash flow management strategies


We advise on all aspects of business and personal taxation, applying a breadth of tax experience to every assignment and proactively addressing all the tax issues that flow from every business decision. Our tax planning is proactive and ensures that all savings are maximised and liabilites and costs minimised.

It is critical for businesses to be kept aware of the latest tax developments. With up-to-date information implemented correctly, businesses and individuals can identify potential tax opportunities and pitfalls and in so doing either increase or preserve their asset base.


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Little About Us

Joe Cunnane Practice Owner TRA Professional Services       Qualifications:  FCA Chartered Accountant & AITI Chartered Tax Advisor Joe has over 20 years experience working in both private practice and industry ... Read More »