Tax fee protection insurance Ireland

August 16, 2019 tax 0 Comment

In the past, we were able to obtain a practice policy which provided cover for clients at cost-effective rates. Unfortunately, the overall issues with the insurance industry seem to be affecting this area too. There were only ever two providers and one has pulled out of the jurisdiction. The cost of a blanket policy is now working out at an average premium of €4,000 per business per annum. This makes no sense and we wouldn’t be recommending this to clients.

Other options

However, this type of insurance may be something that comes as standard with your office insurance/ business insurance or as a cost-effective add on with general business insurance. You may also have a professional body that provides this type of cover. So please speak with your insurance broker and/or regulatory/industry body to see what they can arrange. Also, any cover may be very restrictive so please ensure to check the terms and conditions

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