Retail Accountants


Investment in the retail sector has always been a highly popular area and TRA Professional Services have a wealth of experience in this area. Over the years we have worked with numerous clients in this sector, there isn’t an issue that we haven’t come across before and there isn’t a question to which we can’t provide a satisfactory solution to. We have identified that the retail and convenience shop sector has a huge number of challenges it faces from changing consumer behaviour and wealth to the introduction of new legislations and regulations. That is why we have created a tailored product to cover every aspect and to deliver satisfactory results for all our past, present and future clients.

Our mission is ‘Focusing on your Financial Freedom’ and this is the target for all our clients, we want to make you and your business reach its full potential and flourish. We don’t see you just as a client, we are here to guide you along the whole of your journey and as our clients grow we ourselves grow, with the ultimate goal always being your Financial Freedom.

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