How To Get Funding For Your Website Up To €2,500

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The Government’s Trading Online Voucher Scheme offers funding for your website build up to €2,500 along with training and advice to help your business trade online.

Here are some tips in obtaining funding for your website so as to improve your successful application to the scheme.

Re the Business Objective

You need to show that your business is the best fit to receive funding. The goal of this initiative is to improve your business website so that your sales will increase, jobs will be created, and it will also add export potential. So your pitch needs to address these areas.

Market expansion potential

How many current customers do you have? Where are they based?

So for example;

Currently, we have 100 recurring customers, mainly residents of Dublin City and its environs. These are customers who, through referrals, come and visit our actual shop on a monthly basis.

Our demand is increasing and due to this and the scalability of our business and products, we wish to build an ecommerce platform to grow our sales locally and abroad.

An online shop can provide us with a current potential customer base of x in Dublin City Centre in addition to our 100 active customers. We can also attract customers elsewhere in Ireland and with x million people living in Ireland, we can expect to grow our customer base by at least y times, which would mean an increase in sales revenue of €z.

Also as our products are unique and easy to deliver abroad, a digital marketing campaign can help us gain a share of markets in UK, EU and US. So there is significant potential to employ further staff and grow our business in the long term.

Internal and External resources brought to the project

So what can/are you already doing yourself? Will you need to outsource and will training be required. You should mention how experienced you are in the area of ecommerce. Have you used Google Adwords for example.

External resources are more straightforward and these are the businesses you turn to do the things you can’t , For example: web designers, ecommerce shopping cart development, setup of PayPal, creation of a Digital Marketing plan (to include advertising on Google AdWords etc), app development, specific in-house training, and SEO services.

Existing assets the project should leverage off

So do you have (for example)

  1. Website written content.
  2. Professional photographs
  3. A spreadsheet with product details
  4. Required Graphics.
  5. Active social media accounts
  6. Active advertising accounts (e.g. Google AdWords)
  7. Marketing and business plans

Scope of work to be carried out

What is the business objective and then ensure these goals are being achieved.

Examples are:

  • Development of a brand new ecommerce website (or upgrade of an existing one)
  • Website design (or redesign) to improve the look of ecommerce website
  • Functionality development to upgrade payment, shopping cart
  • Staff training to allow them to manage incoming orders, shipping, label printing and advertising
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Internet marketing plan creation and implementation
  • App development

There are also questions about your company itself, your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and main competitors, costings for the work which you should be able to answer yourself.


For assistance and advice on how to apply for the Online Voucher Scheme, contact Joe Cunnane

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