Extended Deadline for ROS Customers In Respect of RACs, PRSAs and AVCs

November 1, 2016 Latest News 0 Comment

Relief may be claimed in respect of payments to a Retirement Annuity Contract (RAC) or a Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA) or for Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) payments, where the payments are made by the deadlines provided for in sections 787(7), 787C(3), 774(8) or 776(3), respectively, of the Taxes Consolidation Act1997.

Where an individual files and pays online, and therefore qualifies for the extended Pay and File deadline available to ROS customers, the deadline for making RAC, PRSA or AVC payments and claiming the relief is extended to 10 November 2016.

High-income earners who are required under Section 485FB(3) of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 to submit Form RR1, and who both pay and file through ROS, may also avail of the extension to 10 November 2016.


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