Dental Accounts

dental accountsWe provide a tailored product just for individuals in the Dental Profession. TRA Professional Services have specialised in dental services for many years, and all our staff have an in-depth knowledge and experience working on dental accounts. There isn’t an issue that we haven’t come across before and there isn’t a question to which we can’t provide a satisfactory solution to. Our motto is ‘Focusing on your Financial Freedom’ and this is the target for all our clients, we want to make you and your business reach it’s full potential and flourish.

As a dentist we recognise that you require different services and support and we have designed a product that is dedicated to the Dental Profession. Whether you work as a a sole practitioner, in a partnership, consultant or specialist we provide the services that you need.

In addition to the annual requirements of a business we also offer the following:

  • Tax Planning – Minimisation of taxes
  • Long term strategic planning
  • Mergers, acquisitions and disposals
  • Business plans and financial projections
  • Cash flow management strategies

As a result we can provide you with a more targeted product which results in better service at a lower cost.

We don’t see you just as a client, we are here to guide you along the whole of your journey. As our clients grow we ourselves grow, with the ultimate goal always being your Financial Freedom.

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Little About Us

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