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We advise on all aspects of business and personal taxation, applying a breadth of tax experience to every assignment and proactively addressing all the tax issues that flow from every business decision.

Our tax planning is proactive and ensures that all tax savings are maximised and liabilities and costs minimised. TRA Professional Services also ensure that contingent liabilities and anti-avoidance issues are identified, highlighted and workarounds provided to ensure compliance.

In addition to our comprehensive tax planning for individuals and Limited Companies we also offer all the traditional requirements for your annual financial compliance requirements with revenue and the companies office.


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Convenience Shops Accounts

We have identified that the retail and convenience shop sector has a huge number of challenges it faces from changing consumer behaviour and wealth to the introduction of new legislation and regulations. That is why we have created a tailored ...

Contractor Accountants

At TRA Professional Services we understand that time is money so we make our services as efficient and hassle free so you can concentrate on your business and your career. We understand that as a contractor you require various different services and support.

New Company Formations

Setting up a company and starting out a new career journey is always a scary step to take. We understand that, that’s why here at TRA Professional Services we take care of the business, so you can take care of your business.

Vet Accounts

It is critical for businesses to be kept aware of the latest tax developments. With up-to-date information implemented correctly, businesses and individuals can identify potential tax opportunities and pitfalls and in so doing either increase or preserve their asset base. Tax Recovery Accountants advise on Irish and international tax whether it relates to income, capital or asset transfers. We bring the ...

Medical Accounts

We designed our Healthcare product to suit the requirements of people in a wide-variety of healthcare roles. People working in healthcare have different needs to other business people. We have extensive experience in this area due to our work with retirement villages and medical practises. This product includes: Tax planning Mergers, acquisitions and disposals Business plans and financial projections Cash flow management strategies We provide ...

Dental Accounts

We provide a tailored product just for individuals in the Dental Profession. As a Dentist you require different services and support and we have  designed a product that is dedicated to the Dental Profession. In addition to the annual requirements of a business we also offer the following: Tax Planning - Minimisation of taxes Long term strategic planning Mergers, acquisitions ...

Personal Tax Advice

At Tax Recovery Accountants, we have developed a high quality tax practice that provides our private clients with technically outstanding tax advisory and compliance services. Because private clients often have a wide range of business interests that may include holdings in private companies, partnerships and family investment ...

Rental Income

We have extensive experience navigating tax regulations and providing services to people like you. We cater specifically to the needs of private landlords. We understand the issues you face and we draw on our experience with private landlords to ensure we can fix your problems in a ...

Sole Trader

The main disadvantage of being a sole trader is personal responsibility for the debts and liabilities of your business. Also as a sole trader you do not have the same tax planning opportunities as someone trading through a limited company. We feel you could benefit from an accountant ...


We have over twenty years experience dealing with partnerships and understand how to deal with the problems such businesses face. We are tax-specialists and we aim to assist with our clients saving on average €8000 per annum. This figure is far higher than other accountancy firms that lack our specialist knowledge of ...

Little About Us

Joe Cunnane Practice Owner TRA Professional Services       Qualifications:  FCA Chartered Accountant & AITI Chartered Tax Advisor Joe has over 20 years experience working in both private practice and industry ... Read More »