About Us

Joe Cunnane

Practice Owner TRA Professional Services




Qualifications:  FCA Chartered Accountant & AITI Chartered Tax Advisor

Joe has over 20 years experience working in both private practice and industry in Ireland and abroad. He has worked in larger international organisations and also smaller practices and so has experience in dealing with many different types and sizes of business.


Joe was one of the founding members of an Irish accountancy practice bringing it from a start-up to a top twenty firm by 2007.


Joe made the decision to establish his own practice. The main focus being a commitment to deliver excellent customer service teamed with the provision of value by way of tax efficient solutions for, but not exclusive to, SME’s.  Customer Service and tax planning are an integral part of the overall mission of the practice. We pride ourselves on assisting our clients in achieving their Financial Freedom.

Joe and the team at TRA have been professionally providing tax efficient business solutions to clients for a number of years.

Examples of what has been achieved for some of our clients

• Generation of tax savings for various clients from €70k to €500k as a result of tax efficient restructuring of business.

• Providing advice regarding the long term tax efficient planning regarding protection of assets to the value of €2.5m

• Overall restructuring of clients business portfolio which resulted in an easing of financial burden by circa €1m.

• Structuring plans to minimise tax payable in Ireland and varying EU countries regarding specific projects both from a corporate and personal level. Projected savings up to €5m

The Future

TRA Professional Services is structured similar to a Parthenon, in that our foundations will be focused on the delivery of Service Excellence, with the supporting pillars giving the support and service required to drive towards Financial Freedom.