If you have been selected for audit, detailed preparation in the days leading up to the commencement of the audit is essential to ensure it runs smoothly.

Tax Recovery Accountants can meet with you and offer assistance regarding issues arising before, during and after the audit. We can discuss areas which the auditor is likely to focus on and help you to prepare for likely questions and queries.

In the event that there are undisclosed liabilities Tax Recovery can also assist in the preparation of a voluntary disclosure and ensure that penalties and interest are mitigated where possible and the Revenue audit itself is brought to a swift conclusion to the satisfaction of you, the taxpayer, and the Revenue.

Tax Recovery will be available to accompany you at the initial and closing meetings with the Revenue auditor and also to provide ongoing consultation during the course of the audit.

On receipt of an audit report from Revenue, you may wish to dispute some of the findings in the report or perhaps may not agree with a settlement amount for underpaid tax proposed in the report. Tax Recovery can advise and assist you with regard to the review and appeal process which is open to you.

Aside from the audit mechanism, the Revenue Commissioners also have extensive powers granted to them by legislation. Tax Recovery can ensure that you are advised on all of Revenue’s powers and the potential penalties which can apply for non-compliance.

Finally never feel you are beyond help with Revenue. We specialise in cases where client’s through neglect or bad service may suffer unfair treatment at the hands of Revenue.

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